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Bolt/Nut/Washer Kit - 285 per pack

(Inc. VAT )
Bolt, Nut and Washer Kit 285 Pack.
Finish: Zinc Plated.

  • Machine screws, round head, zinc plated:
4.0 x 12mm (x20), 4.0 x 25mm (x18), 5.0 x 25mm (x18), 5.0 x 30mm (x12), 6.0 x 20mm (x12), 6.0 x 25mm (x9), 6.0 x 30mm (x6).
  • Hex nuts, zinc plated:
4mm (x38), 5mm (x30), 6mm (x27).
  • Flat washers, zinc plated:
4mm (x38), 5mm (x30), 6mm (x27).
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