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Sitemate Lightning Bolts - M10 - Sold Individually

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  • No expansion anchor for heavy duty applications
  • This bolt cuts its own thread into concrete, brick, stone and wood; eliminations the need for traditional anchors
  • Allows holes to be positioned to the edge of blocks where typical expansion bolts are at risk of splitting the material
  • Serrated thread helps the bolt cut into brickwork
  • Flange head complete with serrations for extra clamping grip
  • High tensile bolt with a surface hardness of over 800HV, allowing the thread to cut into concrete and withstand abrasion
  • Nytorq pre-applied thread lubricant (dry to touch) reduces friction and prevents cold welding or torque

Hex socket guide:
• M6: 10mm, M8: 15mm, M10: 17mm, M12: 19mm, M16: 27mm.